1. How we work

The depth of knowledge that you need to succeed

Aitoc has been delivering Magento solutions since 2009, and we have amassed a vast amount of experience in what it takes to build successful solutions.

This has manifested itself in Aitoc building over 100 Magento modules and building countless Magento websites. We have delivered services to over 30,000 merchants in over 100 countries.

Our parent company, On Tap, has been involved with Magento even longer - since 2007 - having been the first Magento Solution Partner in the UK, and one of the first five in the world. Their Visual Merchandiser technology was acquired by Magento in 2014 and incorporated in the Adobe Commerce Edition.

It's safe to say we have experience.

Adobe Master certification
Adobe Expert certification
Adobe Professional certification
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The depth of knowledge that you need to succeed.

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We are happy to discuss all aspects of your ecommerce business. We approach these meetings with the same consulting approach that underpins all of our services.