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Manage your cybersecurity risk with both proactive and reactive managed services tailored for ecommerce merchants.

Detect, block and recover from security incidents.

Let's get real

Most merchants react to security incidents after they have happened and then scramble to put measures in place. In hindsight, these security measures are within the grasp of most companies.

We get it: website security is an extra cost. What can be worse is that some solutions offer a false sense of security. That's why Aitoc Consulting takes a hybrid approach to website security, mixing consultancy and managed services.

We have structured this approach to be affordable for merchants big and small whilst delivering confidence equally regardless of your business size. We'll give you a refreshingly practical approach to the subject that enpowers you to get it sorted before problems occur.



Check your current exposure in order to understand what needs to be done now.
  • Code audit
  • Platform audit
  • Penetration test


Take the necessary remedial steps to improve your security, and reduce your exposure.
  • Hosting infrastructure security
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Operational best practice consultancy


Install monitoring on your server infrastructure that detects security issues.
  • Active vulnerability detection
  • Real time alerts


The attackers will come back. We put in place the processes that keeps you covered.
  • Incident management
  • Penetration test
  • Re-audit

Ready to get started? Let's have a meeting to discuss it.

We are happy to discuss all aspects of your ecommerce business. We approach these meetings with the same consulting approach that underpins all of our services.