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Site Audits

Does your website suffer from unexplained problems that are hampering your progress?

Our comprehensive audits will identify and help solve your problems.

Get your ecommerce website back on track

If you are not confident about the quality of your website's coding or you are plagued by recurring problems that are slowing you down, then our Site Audit service is for you.

It takes the pain and uncertainty out of discovering your problems and gives you a 360° view, finding all that's good and bad. Senior developers and implementation staff produce our audits. We have a proven track record of finding where "the bodies are buried"!

We offer Standard and Enhanced Audits. Turnaround time is as little as one week.

Our audits are not the flaky SEO-focussed reports other agencies provide in order to generate digital marketing revenue for themselves. In contrast, Aitoc's service produces highly detailed audits for merchants who are serious about optimising all areas of their ecommerce operations, especially if they are facing problems at the moment.

Supported platforms:

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We are happy to discuss all aspects of your ecommerce business. We approach these meetings with the same consulting approach that underpins all of our services.