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Site Audits

Does your Magento site suffer from unexplained problems that are hampering your progress?

Our comprehensive site audit will identify and help solve your problems.

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Get your Magento 2 website back on track

If you are not confident about the quality of your website's coding or you are plagued by recurring problems that are slowing you down, then our Site Audit service is for you.

It takes the pain and uncertainty out of discovering your problems and gives you a 360° view, finding all that's good and bad. Senior developers and implementation staff produce our audits. We have a proven track record of finding where "the bodies are buried"!

We offer Standard and Enhanced Audits. Turnaround time is as little as one week.

Turnaround: < 1 week

Standard Audit

Get the answers you need about your current website's problems and how to solve them.

“Aitoc's Audit service has given us valuable insights into many of the problems we have been facing with our Magento 2 website. Our previous agency never really got control of the situation. Aitoc's audit told us what we needed to know within a week, and the issues were solved shortly afterwards.”

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Normally 60+ pages of information covering all areas of the website.
These professional documents deliver the good and bad news about your website's construction.
The audit document is equally helpful for developers as it is for Account Managers, Project Managers and Business Analysts.
We include a follow-up consultation meeting to review the audit and answer any questions you have and how issues can be addressed.

Code coverage

We document every module, every patch, every theme, in detail. We provide the business purpose of all these - even the custom code.
We compare the installed modules' versions against the current release versions from those vendors to discover out-of-date code. We will show you what will be fixed if they are upgraded. We also show every module's compatibility with the latest versions of Magento.

Not just code

Our audits deliver so much more than just looking at the code!
We also look in-depth at the SEO, front-end performance, configuration, best practices, integrations, API coverage, GraphQL coverage, data audit (entities, attributes, and more), as well as in-depth information for developers to understand the code structure, dependencies and interaction between different areas of the codebase. For "Enhanced Audits", we document even more - see below.

Critical issues list

We clearly document critical issues, enabling you to focus on what needs to be done. Equally, all things we find are "graded" so that you have a clear, prioritised list of things that will impact your future developments.
For the code base, we check and rank the code to determine its future maintainability. This can be an important metric to determine the cost of ownership over time.

Turnaround: 1-2 weeks

Enhanced Audit

Taking the audit to the next level.

“The audit from Aitoc was the first step to getting our sales performance back on track. We have an internal development team who were struggling to understand the problems. The audit gave them the information they needed to prioritise and deliver a roadmap of improvements that have positively impacted our business.”

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More in-depth

An Enhanced Audit takes into account more complex auditing requirements, such as multiple websites (if it is a complex Magento implementation), accessibility, security and hosting infrastructure.

Hosting infrastructure

We look at the hosting configuration to determine if this is configured appropriately for the website(s). We look at Application Performance Management tools, such as New Relic, to determine bottlenecks caused by the code in that hosted environment.


We also report on the hosting environment's security and code base. In checking the code, we check against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures profiles, OWASP and SANS, on a module-by-module basis, allowing you to discover any risks and vulnerabilities quickly.

Hyvä compatibility NEW!

We audit every module specifically for Hyvä compatibility. This assesses the availability of official Hyvä compatibility and, if not, what effort will be required to build compatibility into each module (both commercial and bespoke modules).

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